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We all want to live up to our potential, be heard and understood.
We also want others to see us in the best light.
Robert Gold has a way of seeing the best in others even when

they don’t see it themselves. The experience of working with him

has been transformational. He delivers his findings with kindness,

compassion, generosity and love, because that’s who Robert Gold is.

He showed me that what I was struggling with a few years ago,

was the developing stages of someone who now stands for dignity,

respect and honor for all.
His view of me was much kinder, gentler and empowering

than what I had

for myself at the time.


Maria Burton, Lighthouse Wellness LLC

Plano, Tx.

For several years Robert Gold has been my lifeline.

He is the one person I know I can say anything to,

without fear of judgement or remorse.

His humor and insight were always timely

and spot on. With a few simple, light-hearted

words he has helped me see a situation or person

in a completely different light.

More than once, I have called him, even while traveling in another country, to ask for guidance.
He can have me crying or laughing because he knows instinctively what I need at that time.

I attribute so much of my own effectiveness as a coach from working directly with Robert. 

I'm so grateful for his presence in my life and

the profound difference that he continues to make.


Ashlie Woods

Retreat Leader at Wildhearted

Portrait Photographer 

As the President of Innovative Education Management, Inc., I have relied exclusively on Robert Gold’s expertise for almost 18 years. He has been essential to the development of automated processes responsible for my organization’s success. 


In 2002, I was in need of expert help in XML Integration that could connect our database to our accounting system. A company specializing in QuickBooks and FileMaker Pro connectivity directed

me to Robert, who was considered an authority in the matter. 

We began a full time collaboration by creating a STRS system that derived from QuickBooks Pro and utilizing FileMaker Pro Database

along with a plug-in that connected the two systems via QBXML.

In subsequent years, Robert can also be credited for building systems designed to pay invoices. He also became our IT support by creating and/or reconstructing a stable isolated database system for our operations.


In the last couple of years, our goals shifted and he was requested to support part of my staff and to take on crucial accountabilities for IEM. We set out to design a complex system that could locate errors made

in prior years while making the necessary corrections to prevent them from occurring in the future. Robert has demonstrated having the foresight to anticipate and create a transitional system that will meet our requirements in 2022.


Robert Gold is a man of integrity, highly reliable and trustworthy.

He goes above and beyond every phase of any project placed before him in all aspects of business automation. 


His diligence and attention to detail are a perfect fit for anyone who may need delegating authority, guidance, coaching, development of streamlined operations and more for long term projects or projects of any size.


Randolph Gaschler
Innovative Education Management, Inc.
Placerville, CA 

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