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Trust Development Coaching

Children & Adults

We assist families by improving 

communication to strengthen loving relationships.


We are supportive of children and adults in setting proper boundaries,

and struggles with trust or difficulty with relationships.

We address parenting, marital stress and reluctance 

towards commitments and marriage.

Trust Development is the art of powerful listening,

designed to support the future.

We expand the awareness of what is present,

though what is present may not be apparent.

By acquiring essential tools, they may be applied

to conversations with family, friends and coworkers

whose lives will be enhanced with appreciation,

enjoyment and purpose.


What is trust and how is it developed? 

Seeking trust is intuitive at birth and then becomes experiential.

Consistency between actions and words lead to trust. 

Lack of trust occurs when these aspects are contradictory.

One of the most important aspects in a child's life is trust which 

develops from awareness.


How does one acquire awareness?

Awareness is a function between connection = Love

experience = sensory and speaking/listening/thinking = reality.

When all aspects are coherent, trust is validated.


How does one recognize a breach of trust?

When there’s distancing in what would normally

be a loving relationship. Connections between family members

and friends are impacted when trust is broken. 

Trust Development Coaching can provide support by sharing

new ways of communicating with one another.

​​What is Trust Development Coaching? 

Our approach is effective in helping one become aware of what's so

vs what we perceive as reality. We focus on how situations impact 

the present and what to do differently going forward.

The attainable goal is living a life of freedom and integrity,

responsibility and accountability.


What is Trust Development Coaching based on?

Good listening is the best quality one can have during any conversation.

In this case, many years of training go into fine tuning the art of

what we refer to as dedicated and compassionate listening.

Paying close attention and being able to identify repetitive ‘thought loops’

one is stuck in plays a vital role in the process of removing circular thinking.

What is Circular Thinking? 

This term refers to phrases that our mind stores and then retrieves to deal

with real or perceived threats. The phrases remain within us and resurface

long after the original incident has taken place.


How can Trust Development Coaching help families? 

Encountering breakdowns in communications between parents

and their children is quite common, especially in our new reality.

Life is presenting new challenges as families are having to adapt

and share spaces, fears and frustrations, all which can lead to conflicts.

We are committed to our clients of all ages to listen to them with great care. 

The process allows the speaker to discover and reveal what's causing 

a lack of trust. We present alternate, age appropriate methods of expression

that can be used as tools in all life situations. 


"Life marks a path within us and how experiences are dealt with, play a significant role in how we parent. There's no doubt that being a stay at home dad and parenting my sons, taught me more than I ever taught them. " ~ Robert Gold, OTDC INFP, HSP, Empath



   Providing coaching services

  for children (5yrs and up), teens and adults

 seeking ways to live a better life.


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