What we put in and on our body reflects in our health,

so what about what's around our body?

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is a premier firm that creates awareness

of how we respond to our surroundings . . .

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                                and designing

                     Sensory Savvy Environments

                  beneficial for every age group.  


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Imagine . . .

. . . transforming a room

into a workspace that looks great

and inspires productivity . . .

. . . or a living space that's  

dynamic and relaxing . . .

Modern Living Room

. . . or a multi-purpose area

 with lots of storage . . .

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. . . or a bedroom that feels like 

a secret getaway, day or night . . . 

. . . or a safe haven where children feel at peace . . .

Baby Sleeping
Moving Boxes

   By now, you're probably thinking . . . 

"This sounds wonderful, but how 

do we get there from here?"


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assists with every step of the process and designs healthy outlooks

reflected in comfortable, practical & multi-functional homes.


Our innovative approach is for clients of all ages.

Interior Design and Environmental Brain Science

create a perfect balance between thoughts, perceptions,

 colors, shapes, sounds, textures and scents. 

 The results create a life filled with appreciation,

enjoyment and purpose.

Mountain Landscape

This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.


Sensory Friendly Environments

for clients of all ages.

  Entry  Den  Kitchen

                     Living   Dining   

    Nursery   Playroom  

         Home Office   Home School

               Bedroom   Bathroom



Carolyn Feder Gold has   come up with an entirely       different spin on how to      view our surroundings.

In her world, Interior Design is not only a thing of beauty

but a Healing Art.

Her specialty is Sensology.


Carolyn consults, guides and provides what's needed for a successful project VIRTUALLY - IN REAL TIME

Floor plans, coordinate phases, make selections, suggest services, etc.

She does not sell any items. 

 Projects are sold in

 Time Packages

based on their scope.


 Brain Science

 explains how senses respond to surroundings.

Interior Design  

provides the tools to   create the right spaces.

The Sensory Tool Kit

 contains the right ingredients

for your sensibilities

and your age group.

 Fair disclosure . . . results tend to exceed expectations!
A tropical resort can easily materialize in your home just
by being open to a world of possibility and transformation. 
 You very well may 'hear' the waves and 'feel' the crunch
of the sand while you marvel at the colors of the sunset.

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               From dreamy inspiration                                  To inspired recreation 

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In demand services for those seeking a better life.
If you're tired and tired of struggling with what to do
with your space, we have a solution fo you! 


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