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Carolyn Gold

Personal Expression

Sensory Design 

"Designing lovely spaces is a gift, creating surroundings which enhance lives, a privilege."

When this classically trained Interior designer,

discovered she possessed the unique gift of

synaesthesia, everything in her life and practice,

changed. She created innovative methods, based on science, to help clients, both children and adults, to live better in healthy sensory environments. Carolyn finds that this is an essential factor for productivity. It begins by acquiring insights about oneself in order to experience restorative sleep in carefully designed environments. 

Carolyn's dream, for years, had been to write a book which would express the many dimensions of color, light, form, texture and their effects,

from her point of view. She's now able to do

that within the pages of The Liberty 2041 and SECRETS & COURAGE.

Carolyn Gold - Introvert, Empath, HSP, INFJ 

Sensory Strategist/Interior Designer

Robert Gold

Personal Growth

Ontological Design

"Positivity with words and actions build bridges and repair the world."

Once a telecommunication systems sales executive and owner of an electrical contracting business, Robert has been forever learning and exploring. He became fascinated by the relatively unknown field of ontology which combines architecture, anthropology, neuro and cellular biology. He has transformed many lives and has developed accounting systems which support the growth of successful businesses.

A visionary and inventor emerged from within, as did an intuitive system which could be the next logical step after the Internet. This concept, featured within Liberty 2041, improves methods of communication. Feelings and emotions are  connected to colors and body sensations,  improving our self-awareness.

Robert Gold - Introvert, Empath, HSP, INFP

Trust Development Coach

                Welcomed Interview Questions:
                   1)   What is the main storyline of The Liberty 2041 series?
                  2)   How did the idea of The Liberty 2041 series come about?
                  3)   Were all the characters fully developed in the original manuscript?
                  4)   Do you have experience with exceptional kids?
                  5)   Tell us about your professions and how they're reflected in the series?
                  6)   Explain what the terms HSP, introvert, empath mean and why are they relevant ?
                  7)   Were some characters easier to develop than others?
                  8)   What do you hope readers will take away from reading Liberty 2041?
                  9)   Why do you refer to The Liberty 2041 series as interactive?
                 10)   What is the Gold touch philosophy?

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