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Empath - Someone who understands the mental or emotional states of others

in a way that defies conventional science and psychology. The ability to sense

the feelings, thoughts, and energies of people, plants, animals, places, or objects.  In addition to sensing, the empath is about absorbing the energy of those around them.  Empaths often experience stress or illness if they are bombarded by too many negative emotions. Empaths can also use their abilities to help others by imagining themselves in someone else’s situation and connecting with them

on a deep level. 


HSP - Highly Sensitive Person has a nervous system which picks up subtleties       

in his/her surroundings. They become easily overwhelmed when in highly stimulating environments.  

INFJ - Introvert Intuitive Feeling Judging. People with this personality type tend        to see helping others as their purpose in life.  They are lit up by creating a solution that changes people's lives. This person does well being an Advocate.

INFP - Introvert Intuitive Feeling Prospecting. People with this personality tend

to see a hint of good even in the worst of situations or people. With a talent for

self expression, revealing their beauty and secrets through metaphors and fictional characters is most comfortable. This person does well as a Mediator. 

Ontology - Study of the nature of being and the understanding of reality.

Sensology - Trailblazing practice best described as a Healing Art, requiring

deep understanding the why of sensory irritants, how they affect everything

we do.  Substituting with healing aesthetics creates a balance. The interplay between art, architecture, anthropology, interior design, music and Brain Science,

is essential to a healthy and productive life.  

Synaesthesia - Blending of the senses when the stimulation of one sense

stimulates another. This enhances every experience or distracts from it.        Examples include tasting colors and/or shapes, feelings and/or seeing

sounds, etc. This neurological phenomenon is present in the highly creative population.  Those who possess this unusual gift recognize it in others.

Neurodiversity - Variations in the brain relating to learning patterns,

such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, etc. and emotional/social interactions attached to each.

This should not be considered a condition but rather a variable. It requires deep understanding to make allowances at home, school and business.

Considered a valuable gift bestowed upon creatives such as inventors,

innovators, etc.  We support any and all efforts that reduce the stigma around learning and thinking differences.

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