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   A child's room is their world 

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Bedrooms are meant to be welcoming spaces where we should feel calm, nurtured and rested. For children, this is especially important. When their bedrooms are set up correctly from a sensory standpoint, everyone enjoys smoother nights and calmer days.
First, let's address some overlooked elements that can get in the way of a good night's sleep:
- Check for too much noise coming from outside the room.
- Avoid strong scents like artificial air fresheners and
 detergents that cling to clothes and linens.
- Make sure night lights are adequate but dim enough not to distract.
- Be aware of p
ajamas that are too tight or too loose or that blankets aren't too light weight or too heavy. 

Some elements are not quite as easy to recognize, so for that we suggest scheduling a Goldyn Child Sensory Assessment where we make sure your child's room is healthy and balanced in every way. Our unique and colorful process identifies and eliminates hidden sources of agitation that can cause sleep disruption.

Your child's ability to sleep soundly and focus during the day, are easily affected by textures, lighting, colors, shapes, patterns, finishes, furniture, storage, etc. 

Chaotic & Agitating Playroom

Soothing & Inviting Playroom/Spare Bedroom



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Crowded and uninspiring kept a boy out of his room.


Repositioning furniture, changing light sources and main surface colors make the room look spacious.    But that's not all . . .  Even before adding artwork, this very creative boy started doing homework, composing and performing his own songs and sleeping through the night, in his own room!

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A teen-aged young lady was very unhappy and anxious when she was home, especially when she was in her bedroom. The more she and her mom tried to make things better, the worse it got, even a sweet therapy dog couldn't help. But once we visited, it all made perfect sense. The room was causing the problem. 

Starting from scratch was a welcomed solution. A relieved mom was so happy to see her daughter actively engaged in the entire process.  Now she loves spending time in her cool, new space on her own or with friends. As for her devoted therapy dog and his very large cage, they moved to another part of the house and he feels much better, too!

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