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Personal Expression

Sensory Design

Designing lovely spaces is a gift, creating surroundings that enhance lives, is a priviledge. Sensory health is essential for productivity which begins by acquiring insights about oneself to experience restorative sleep in carefully designed environments.

~ Carolyn Gold, Empath, HSP, INFJ 

   Professional Interior Designer

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Personal Growth

Ontological Design

There has never been a greater need for compassion and empathy. Creating bridges between people to better express their feelings towards one another, is my passion. Positivity makes for a kinder present and future

~ Robert Gold, OTDC, HSP, INFP

   Trust Development Coach

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Our life's philosophy is very simple, 

it comes from living in a world filled with complexity.

We feel we were brought together to transform the lives of others.

We want to be inspiring, motivating and help accomplish

things you never thought possible. 

When Robert and I first met in early December of 2017, it took only a few days

to recognize we were designed for each other. We felt that immediate recognition and strong connection seen in movies or read about in books.

We validated each other’s impressions of what it’s like to live in a world of extroverts while being creative introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people. Love for art, architecture, interior design, music, literature 

and theatre blended with biology, archeology, psychology

and a later in life understanding of spirituality,

molded us to be the perfect fit we are for each other.


This same eclectic combination of interests lead each of us to create and develop ‘out of the ordinary’ professions which also happen to blend perfectly. Robert became an Ontologist, author, and inventor of an intuitive system that connects implanted nanotechnology with feelings, sensations, colors, etc.

As a classically trained Interior Designer, I was inspired to develop a specialty revolving around sensory overload. Once I realized I possessed a fascinating neurological phenomenon called Synaesthesia which allows me to taste

colors, see sounds, and so on, my practice took a very different direction. 

Robert and I love learning and are forever fascinated with human behavior.

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Interior Design and all that's beautiful has been my passion as far back as I can remember. Working for well established design firms has been a blessing, but also restricting.  Clients wanted more services and I was eager, just unable to provide them at the time. With encouragement from loyal clients and collaborators, Sensory Interior Design was dreamed up in 2008, solidified and founded in 2009.  A professionally run design firm now offered an in-depth understanding of the effects of sensory overload while creating beautiful spaces.


Our insights, techniques and attention to detail have been the secret behind our success. Positive feedback from results, which at times can be immediate can transform spaces  and lives in a matter of hours.

 Our services have been retained to design homes and small businesses, as well as managing major renovations and new construction. 

Collaborating with my husband, has added  more dimensionality to our mutual creativity. 

When we aren't assisting clients we are co-authoring Liberty 2041 a Hexaseries of futuristic, highly sensory novellas about  exceptional teen and their families.

After being in the technology industry for many years, I found that making successful companies even more successful was my forté. That's how my consulting business began, always word of mouth and have never looked back, since.

By learning how the CEO and key people think within a company, structural systems are designed to fit their needs. The goal is

to gain greater visibility by streamlining for better functionality through technology.

Consider what I do comparable to transforming a small, cramped, dark closet into a spacious, attractive, much more functional walk-in closet that looks and feels like a boutique. Improved lighting and greater storage make it a pleasure, due to the structural changes which expanded visibility, allowing more

to get accomplished in less time. 

The same happens when with a company, antiquated  systems are discarded, providing  room for what's currently needed as well as space for future growth. Overall, like a new closet, there's more efficiency and the business becomes more accessible, functional and more profitable. 

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Consult with us Individually

or as a team 


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