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During life’s journey, Robert met Fernando Flores in January 1982.

This Chilean born, world-renowned Ontologist enabled Robert

to be granted a full scholarship for three years to study Ontology by his side.

This opportunity, along with the teachings of ontological designer, Brian Regnier sparked profound questioning within Roberts which eventually lead to his inventions.

This system seen as one that could come after the Internet, promises to protect

one’s privacy while expanding capacities to relate to oneself and others.

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Life-Altering Technology Closer Than Ever

Dwelling In A New World reconstructs communication in every sense.

Robert Gold walks us through his clear understanding of an existence where we

can gain awareness and a direct connection to safety, kindness, ethics, truth, beauty, and peace. What was once a futuristic vision of a reimagined world, is our new reality in the making. Relationships, both personal and in business are becoming simpler, more natural and intuitive. ~ Robert Gold,  2012

Elements of Invention

Super intelligence controlled and distinguished by individuals, families,

groups, neighborhoods, departments, precincts, divisions, cities, markets,

states, regions, countries and organizations.

Each identity is distinct and distinguished by domains of interest and concern.

Intelligence, learning computers, quantum computing, ubiquitous computing,

distinction between ‘Intelligent Assistance’ and data of each occurrence.

The intelligence tracks our location, our conversations, our speculations,
our commitments, emotional state (mood), projects, future accounting,
scheduling, interests and distinguishes predetermined shifts
in domains supporting each area of interest and activities.

Ubiquitous computing, graphic whiteboard concepts,

operating language designed to connect, learn, account

and protect live connections.

Security - a future for quantum computing, rotating encryption.

Graphics and flexible design, plug ins, modularities,
two way mirrors (diodes providing images, receiving images)
touch screen controls (eventually, all graphene).

Micro/nano sensors/outputs provided for human body, home devices, etc.

Capturing facial muscles, blood pressure, eye dilation,
perspiration, relationships, etc. to verify domains of interest and concerns.


What Comes Next

Software OS designed for intelligence and choices

Y (off, left, right) instead of binary (on/off)

Powerful Artificial Intelligence steeped in pattern recognition and self-design

Computer sharing (space, time, frequency division multiplexing)

Facial muscle translation technology

Micro /nano sensor technology

High speed cloud technology

Speech recognition

Language translator

Miniaturization of computerization and in/outputs

Sensor developments

Cloud high speed servers

Bandwidth and speed

Quantum influence including security

Inexpensive touch screen technology

Doping graphene, glass manufacturing, etc.

Micro speakers, microphones, sensors, etc.

Micro devices powered within our bodies.



Graphics by Carolyn Gold

Content by Robert & Carolyn Gold

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