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                                      Welcome to                                                           


a world of possibility and transformation where

balanced minds reside in balanced bodies.

Where balanced bodies reside in healthy spaces.

Where healthy spaces nurture the soul.


                     Do you have trouble sleeping and find it hard                        to stay focused and be productive?


                      Are you tired of feeling tired and unmotivated?                    Then it's time to learn about the deep connection

 between you and your surroundings. 




How do you do what you do?

We are committed listeners and keen observers.

                  Our expertise is a combination of brain science                           and sensory interior design.   


 Who are your clients?   

                                   Our suite of services are for                                                                infants, children, teens and adults.                            

How long before we can see a difference?

Some results are immediate and palpable.


What's behind the Gold touch?

                            We believe everyone has a mission.                                             Ours is to repair the world, using the special gifts               we've been blessed to receive. 

                          Our goal is to make sure you, your family                              and friends live your best lives.



                     Be more in control of your days and your nights.                                                       Experience sensory health.                                       Cultivate healthy relationships with yourself and others.


                                    For this and so much more,                                                                         set up your complementary                                                  consultation here            


For a little taste of our hue.r.u. quiz click here!










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We apologize for the inconvenience.

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